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Workshops & Community Talks

We are available to come to your work, school, or community group and present on a variety of topics in English and Spanish. When presenting, we aim is to deliver content in experiential and creative ways that are practical and meaningful for your audience. We pull from training and experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, delivering guidance lessons to K-12 students, and presenting lectures to the community. Please contact us for rates and availability.


Below are some topics we have presented on previously but if your group has a special interest that is not listed below, we'd be happy to tailor a presentation for your group’s needs. If your topic is one we don’t feel we can adequately address, we'd be happy to connect you with another professional in the community from our network of colleagues who can better address the topic.


  • Disordered Eating in Children & Teens

  • Taking Up Space: Making Peace with Your Body By Choosing Hope

  • Come As You Are: Building Blocks for Making Peace with Food & Your Body

  • Listening to the Voice Within: Using Intuitive Eating to Heal Your Relationship with Food and Body

  • Good Grief! Coping with the Illness or Death of a Loved One

  • Feel Better Fast: Reducing Anxiety

  • Cultivating Connection: Strategies for Building Therapeutic Alliances with Adolescents.

  • Test, Schmest: Reducing Test Anxiety

  • Improving Communication

  • Understanding Your Conflict Resolution Style

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