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Immigration Hardship Evaluations

We Believe Families Belong Together​


We believe families deserve to be together and are committed to doing as much as possible to support reunification and to prevent separation. We have 3 independently licensed therapists who are able to provide the psychological assessments and reports used to help immigration courts determine whether an individual is able to remain (or return) lawfully in the the United States.


We have attempted to price the cost of our evaluations low and, when possible, to offer the evaluations for free because we know how costly a process the waiver applications can be. 


As individuals, we have close ties to family members who were/are undocumented and know how scary and profound the possibility of separation can be.


We offer hardship evaluations in both English and Spanish. Once your appointment is scheduled, we will send you an intake (in your native language) that will collect background information on your experience. This will include many questions about your life history, the relationship with your loved one facing deportation or seeking asylum, and your physical and mental health. We may also include an inventory focused on trauma experiences or depression/anxiety symptoms. We recognize this is a lot to provide to someone you have not yet met but encourage you to provide as much information as possible, as this will help us write a more robust letter of support for you. 

We will review this information before we meet with you to prepare for what might be helpful to explore in more depth when we meet. 

We will schedule a 2 hour meeting, either in person or via a HIPAA compliant version of Zoom. During this time, we will seek to learn more about you and your unique experience. We know how difficult it is to share intimate details about your life, especially when it relates to trauma and mental health history. We try to collect the information needed in as respectful and compassionate a manner as possible. In order to write the best possible letter in support of your waiver application, we will need to gather as much information as possible.  It may also be necessary to speak with others familiar with the client's case to provide additional relevant information. Outside of inclusion in the letter we provide to your lawyer, the information we collect from you or others will remain confidential and private and will be stored in our secure and encrypted health record system. 

After we meet, we will condense the information collected from you into a descriptive narrative, including an pertinent DSM-V mental health diagnoses, and recommendations for care. This evaluation will be provided to your lawyer in the form of a letter that can be included in your hardship application packet. Please note, because we are committed to providing a comprehensive and robust evaluation and letter of support, a typical time frame for turnaround can be 7-14 days. It is also important to note that, while a mental health psychological evaluation can strengthen the case of the applicant seeking approval, the clinician providing the evaluation cannot make any guarantee regarding the outcome of the applicant’s case.


Psychological/mental health evaluation needed as part of application for:

  • Extreme hardship

  • VAWA Evaluation (Violence Against Women Act)

  • U-Visa Evaluation

  • Political Asylum

  • T Visa

  • Cancellation of Removal


The full cost for the assessment, diagnostic process, and letter writing is $900. This includes our time meeting with you, conducting any necessary research, the cost of inventories used, and the time spent writing the letter. We will collect a credit card to have on file that we can run via our electronic health record portal. If the evaluation is completed in person, we can accept cash. If you would like a payment plan, $450 is needed the day of evaluation. The latter half of payment is needed before the letter can be provided to lawyer.

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