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Initial diagnostic interview                       $195

Standard 50 minute session                    $195

Reduced Cost Rate                                 $0 - 100

Extended 90 minute session                   $300

Couples Therapy (90 min)                       $300

Group session                                          $65

Non-Client Consultation (60 min)             $200

Immigration Hardship Evaluation             $900

ADHD Psychological Evaluation              $1250

ADHD PsychoEducational Evaluation      $1895

The prices are the same whether face-to-face or via telehealth. 

We accept Credit Cards or HSA/FSA cards, Cash or Check.


We are out-of-network providers with insurance companies. Some insurance companies will reimburse a portion of the fee that you pay for therapy services.  You are responsible for paying the full session fee at the time of our appointment and we can provide an itemized receipt (superbill) which you can submit to your insurance company. Please note insurance typically does not cover egg donor or gestational carrier evaluations but may cover supportive therapy sessions related to the overall surrogacy process.

If you are interested in exploring your out-of-network benefits, we encourage you to call your insurance company and ask the following questions:

  • Does my current policy cover mental health (or behavioral health) benefits?

  • Does my current policy include a deductible for mental health services? What is the amount and has it already been met?

  • Is there a limit to the number of sessions per year my policy allows? If so, how many?

  • For services received by an out-of-network provider, how much does my plan cover?

  • Does my plan cover the CPT codes 90791 (Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation), 90834 (Psychotherapy), and 90837 (Psychotherapy).

  • If I'm going to be meeting via Telehealth, does my plan cover the CPT codes 90791-95, 90834-95, 90837-95. 

  • Before meeting with an out-of-network provider, do I need to get approval first?

  • How do I submit a claim for mental health services? What specific information do I need?


Therapy can be life-changing, freeing, energizing, and even entertaining---yes, sometimes we will laugh together! But it’s also hard work and sometimes it’s easy to avoid doing that work. We promise to bring our A-game to support you along your journey. In return, we ask that you commit to show up—both in person and in spirit. That doesn’t mean you need to always know what to say or what you want to talk about each session—often, this will emerge as we begin exploring—but it does mean committing to yourself that you are worth feeling better, that it is okay to be vulnerable, and that it is okay to trust a process that may sometimes feel ambiguous and slow.  

Scheduled appointment times are reserved especially for you. If an appointment is missed or cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be billed according to the scheduled fee policy. The late cancellation fee (less than 48 hours’ notice) for counseling/therapy appointments is the full cost of the scheduled session at $195.00 per hour. The fee for missed counseling/therapy appointments is the full cost of the scheduled session at $195.00 per hour.

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