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The Details

The Teen Eating Disorders Support group is co-led by a therapist and dietitian and will meet for

5 Sundays In September

Time:  7-8:15pm

There is 5 week commitment requirement. 

Upcoming 2021 Start Dates

October 3rd-October 31st 





If all 5 sessions are paid in full by the first night of group, a $10 discount is available.. A portion of the cost may be reimbursable by insurance and we are happy to provide a superbill upon request. Please note that a superbill requires we assign a mental health diagnosis. 

Your teen does not have to suffer alone.

In an increasingly busy and disconnected world, skills for grounding, reconnecting with one's body, and slowing down

the urgency to go, go go, 

can be incredibly helpful for long-term recovery

Social pressure during the adolescent years pulls teens away from the very thing they are so desperately seeking and needing:

connection with peers. 

Group Support provides the safety teens need to explore body image and build a stronger sense of self.  

What Your Teen Will Gain

  • Practical skills & tools for the anxiety & dysregulation that comes with eating disorders

  • Recovery support for healing their relationship with body and food

  • Opportunities to participate in experiential, art, breathing, journaling, mindfulness, eating, & movement activities

  • Connection with and support from other group members in a supportive, affirming space

  • An opportunity to develop a mindful practice that can support long term recovery 

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