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Will taking one of these courses cure my body image or disordered eating woes? 
Nope. That's not how healing works. Unlike diet culture, we don't want to throw false advertising and empty promises at you. We believe in the content within these courses and have put a lot into the creation of them, but participating in one of these courses, alone, is not going magically make everything all better. We think you'll gain a greater awareness of yourself, of those around you, and of the world; we think you'll gain strategies and skills for navigating the hurdles of life; and we think you'll feel more empowered to take whatever the next steps forward are and more empowered to exist in your body. 
What's the difference between these courses and psychotherapy? 
These courses are for educational purposes only. Though they are taught by licensed therapists, they are not a substitute for therapy. When you sign up for a course, you are not entering into a therapeutic contract for in-depth, relationship-based psychotherapy. After taking a course, you may decide you'd like to dive deeper into the material in a more personal way within a formal therapeutic relationship. If that's where you are now, you can learn more about our general counseling services here
What's the difference between a live course and a DIY course? 
For live courses, you will meet with your instructor and fellow *classmates* live via Zoom or in-person at a designated location. There will be set times you will agree to attend and there may even be homework to complete (Don't worry, this is the FUN, ungraded kind of homework, like "This week, notice how many times you noticed your hunger," or "Use the word "Fat" in a weight-affirming way 3 times this week.") For DIY courses, you will work through the recorded lectures and supplemental materials at your own pace. You get to decide how fast or slow to work through the material. 

Have other questions? Shoot us a message here

We believe in the power of information.

When information is limited, it becomes easier to believe the negative, toxic, and oppressive narratives

that have been forced onto vulnerable individuals.

And it becomes easier to disconnect from one's own source of internal wisdom and evidence.  

We want YOU to have the information you need

to feel more whole, integrated, and informed. 

Our team of licensed clinical mental health counselors, psychologists, and marriage & family therapists have taught classes at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral level, have created curriculum for training counselors, healing body image, coping with and reducing anxiety, understanding complex trauma, building awareness of cultural differences, living and thriving with ADHD, and so much more.

We'd love to engage you in the learning process, to teach you what we know but, even more important​,

to help you embrace what you already know.

We want to help you connect more deeply with your own body's source of internal wisdom.

Check out our offerings below. 

Live Classes


Commitment: 10 Sundays

Next Start Date: January 9th, 2022

Time: 5:30-7:00pm EST

Location: Virtually Via Zoom

Cost: $50/class; $450 if you pay full amount up front

Registration: $50

Gains: Learn practical information, skills & tools toward understanding and healing your relationship with food & body

Learn experiential art, breathing, journaling, mindfulness, eating, & movement activities 

Connect with others who believe ALL bodies have worth (because they do!)

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Commitment: 6 Tuesdays

Next Start Date: January 19th, 2021

Time: 7:00-8:00pm EST

Location: Virtually Via Zoom

Cost: $15/class; Full amount of $90 must be paid front.

Registration: $90

Gains: Learn practical information, skills & tools for supporting your recovery, including skills for: Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, Mindfulness, & Interpersonal Effectiveness. 

Learn experiential breathing, journaling, mindfulness, & skills for dialectical thinking. 

Connect with other students seeking recovery. 

DIY Classes

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