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Individual supervision (1 hour) with 1 supervisee:

$140 ($130 for UNCG alumni)

Individual supervision (1 hour) with 2 supervisees:

$100 ($90 for UNCG alumni)

Group supervision (2 hours) with 5-8 supervisees:

$80 ($70 for UNCG alumni)



Individual supervision/consultation (1 hour):

$195 ($180 for UNCG alumni)

Triadic supervision/consultation (1 hour): 

$120 ($110 for UNCG alumni)

Group supervision/consultation (2 hours) with 5-10 supervisees: 

$105 ($85 for UNCG alumni)


We accept Venmo, Cash, or Check. 


Scheduled supervision times are reserved especially for you and without 48 hours’ notice, it is difficult for us to fill your time slot with another appointment. If an appointment is missed or cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be billed according to the scheduled fee policy, at the full cost of the scheduled session.


Supervisees agree to maintain active liability insurance, and will provide a copy to their supervisor indicating coverage of the supervisor as an "additional insured" on the policy.

Supervisees agree to abide by their Code of Ethics and by the licensure code outlined by the North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors.  

Supervisees agree to maintain a log of their direct and indirect hours, including a list of clients seen, and agree to maintain documentation as outlined by their site. 


**Note** We are not experts in all things licensure. To clearly and completely understand the licensure requirements, we strongly encourage you to read over the documents that can be found on the North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors’ website:

If you are an LCMHCA working toward full licensure, you will need 100 hours of clinical supervision (1 hour per 40 hours of clinical work).

75 of those 100 hours need to be individual supervision. 

"Individual" supervision can include one or two supervisees, meeting for 1 hour/week. 

"Group" supervision can include up to 12 supervisees, but must meet for 2 hours/week.

There are 3 options for doing supervision:

  1. individually,

  2. in pairs (but still counting toward the 75 of 100 individual hours needed),

  3. in groups (but only 25 of the 100 hours can be group so the majority must be "individual"--whether by yourself or in a pair). 

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