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The Details

The Fertility Support group meets Thursdays from 12:00 noon to 1pm EST. There is a 5 week commitment requirement.


Groups meetings are $50/session. If all 5 sessions are paid in full by the first night of group, a $10 discount is available. 

A portion of the cost may be reimbursable by insurance and we are happy to provide a superbill upon request. 

Sad african-american couple after negati
Image by Crew

What You Will Gain

  • You will be given a space to grieve the trauma and loss.

  • You will be given a community to help you test out witty comebacks to questions about why you do not have babies.

  • You will be given control over the process.

  • You will be a given information about different potential ways to “make" children.

  • You will create a meaningful life RIGHT NOW as you work on your goals of having children

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