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We affirm and celebrate that bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes and believe all bodies have value.


We recognize we cannot tell a person's health, goodness, fitness, experiences, resilience, motivation, laziness, diet, intelligence, or character by looking at their body.


We recognize that compassion for others begins with compassion for ourselves. And compassion for ourselves allows us to be more compassionate to others.


We recognize that to heal our relationship with food and body, we must remain curious and open to considering alternative sources of information from what we've heard before.


We recognize that normal, healthy eating includes flexibility, curiosity, variety, permission-giving, emotions, intuition, hunger, desire, satisfaction, fullness, and enjoyment.


We seek ways to move our bodies that are enjoyable, kind, and engaging.

We believe that health is not a moral obligation but that it is our collective moral obligation to increase access to health for all, especially to individuals and communities who have been historically constricted from accessing health.

We view each individual person as unique while at the same time existing within larger diverse communities and contexts.


We view diversity as encompassing intersecting identities, including ethnic/racial identity, nationality, immigrant/refuge/asylee status, language spoken, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, socioeconomic status, age, body shape/size, ability, access to health, access to food, access to information, and point of view. 


We celebrate the differences among individuals as valuable and essential to the strengthening of our communities and to the enrichment of all our lives. 


We recognize our individual privileges and seek to use our power to center narratives around those who are most marginalized and oppressed. We recognize that healing must occur within the individual therapeutic relationship as well as within the larger, cultural environment, and thus embrace the role of advocacy and activism.


We acknowledge that this is a work in progress which will continue to evolve; thus, we aim to continue listening more than we speak, learn more than we teach, and follow more than we lead.

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