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I have an eclectic approach to working with clients, utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, as well as Gestalt, Jungian, Developmental, Existential, and Systemic theories to counsel and conceptualize clients, within an overarching framework of Relational Cultural Therapy (RCT). This eclectic approach is due to my belief in the unique needs of each individual client living in a diverse and social world. My framework of RCT includes a focus on the relationship between client and therapist, engaging clients’ natural stores of resiliency and authenticity, de-pathologizing adaptive behaviors, and fostering clients’ development more fully through connections with others. I use Motivational Interviewing techniques to empower clients to take responsibility for their actions and outcomes and to work toward change.


I believe firmly in individuals’ ability to overcome life’s difficulties and try to work collaboratively with clients, often utilizing creative approaches to do so, including art, play, and sand therapy. Specific to body image and disordered eating concerns, I operate from a Health at Every Size approach and philosophy and encourage Intuitive Eating principles. 

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