Your Healing Is Selfish, And That Is Okay.

I remember the first time my therapist told me to stock my pantry with binge foods—it felt so scary. It felt dangerous. It felt like I would never be able to stop eating. “I don’t know if you realize just how much I can eat. If I buy that much of all of that, I’ll...I’ll eat it ALL.” “Okay, then,” she said assuredly, “make sure to buy enough. Make sure to buy more than enough.” With her help, I began experimenting. Challenging myself. Giving myself full permission to eat as much as my body needed and wanted. At first, I ate so much, I thought my belly might explode open. It hurt. I cried. A lot. I panicked. A lot. I thought “this will never get better.” “I’m so shameful for eating this much.

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