Birthday Ambivalence Disorder: When You’ve Got the Birthday Blues

No, not an actual, official DSM diagnosis. But, yes, an experience many encounter. Sometimes, every year. I hereby define Birthday Ambivalence Disorder—B.A.D. for short—as the ambivalence, sadness, anxiety, grief, regret, yuckiness, and overall funktafunk BADness one may feel leading up to, during, and immediately after their birthday. BUT WHY? Isn’t it supposed to be a joyous, wonderous, best-day-of-the-year, you’re-supposed-to-feel-so-special-cuz-you’re-the-queen day?!? Well, for starters, any event or day that is built up to be that big is primed to be a big letdown if it doesn’t end up delivering. What about the 364 other days of the year? Why set up one day out of 365 to be the best one

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