Your Body's Holiday Bill of Rights

This holiday season, as you celebrate or mourn. As you join with others or join solely with yourself, consider honoring your body with the following Bill of Body Rights. 1. You have the right to be in your body, whether it is smaller, larger, or the same size as the last time your loved ones saw you. 2. You have the right to wear what feels comfortable, fun, expressive, and/or appealing (to you) on your body. 3. You have the right to not have your body be a topic of discussion, whether positively or negatively. 4. You have the right to change the subject or leave the room if others engage in diet talk. 5. You have the right to move your body in the ways it needs or wants *just because* (n

When You’re Angry Instead of Thankful

At this time of year, we hear a lot about gratitude and positivity. Children learn about the importance of giving thanks in school. Individuals participate in #30DaysofGratitude challenges. Families and friends join together to celebrate over food and wine and decorate with Thanksgiving signs and decor. Practicing gratitude can often be a wonderful way of gaining perspective, humility, compassion, and connection. It has even been shown to improve emotions, energy level, and immune system functioning. But what if you’re angry instead of thankful? As a therapist, I’ve had the sacred privilege of working with individuals experiencing a wide variety of pain, trauma, and loss. This has included i

My body, Mi Cuerpo: Cómo te Sientes?

Creciendo, recibí muchos mensajes sobre cómo se suponía que mi cuerpo debía verse. No muchos en como se suponía que debía sentirme. Estos mensajes fueron importados por muchas personas en mi vida: familiares, amigos, médicos, figuras en la televisión, revistas y en mis medios sociales. Aún más divertida fue mi realidad personal, recibía el doble de estos mensajes gracias a mis relaciones estadounidenses y colombianas. AY señor. En ambos países, aprendí que no importaba lo que mi cuerpo quisiera parecer naturalmente, sólo lo que debería ser. Los mensajes que recibí de ambos países se volvieron los mismos en el tiempo: tu figura no está bien como es. Cambiala. Pasando mi niñez en un país latin

Why the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) Conference Could Put Me Out of Business

A week ago, I had the privilege of attending the BEDA/NEDA conference in Brooklyn, NY. This was my second time attending BEDA; my first attendance was in 2013 in Washington, D.C. Both experiences were life-giving and affirming for me in both personal and professional ways. As a Fat-Positive, Health At Every Size, Intuitive Eating therapist, who practices from a Relational-Cultural Therapy model, and who sees my role as therapist to include the role of advocacy and activism, when I’m at the conference, I feel a sense of being home. A professional embodiment that I haven’t experienced at most of the places I’ve worked or conferences I’ve attended. As someone in recovery from an eating disorder

I Voted For Myself

I wrote this piece 2 days before the 2016 election. I first shared it in a private facebook group and with family members but have hesitated for the past year to include it here on the Body Politics blog. Mostly because, if you are reading this as someone who didn't vote for her, I want you to still feel welcome and affirmed in this space. But the personal is political. And the political is personal. And the work of liberating individuals from body oppression and helping them access body autonomy and peace is political work. Yes, I'm still with her. With all the hers. With all the women who marched and who continue to *march* (literally and figuratively). With all the women who shared their

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