My body, Mi cuerpo: Cómo te sientes?

Growing up, I received so many messages about how my body was supposed to look. None how I was supposed to feel. I got these messages from many, many people in my life: family, friends, doctors, bullies, tv, magazines, and online social media. Double the fun was that I got these messages from two different countries- the United States and Colombia. Oh goody. In both countries, I learned it didn’t matter what my body wanted to look like, only what it should look like. The messages in both countries had become the same over time: Your body is not okay as it is. Change it. Growing up in a Latino country where beauty pageants are an important part of the culture, I learned the term 90-60-90. As

Get Upside Down in Your Recovery

Sometimes you've got to get upside down to see things right side up. Kind of like the process of healing your relationship with food and body. In a world that teaches that the only way for a body to be *good* is to be small and healthy (and white and heterosexual and cisgender and male....), it's hard to conceive that any other body is capable of being worthy. Were you a *good* learner like myself? I was a *great* learner. I lapped up all the many messages around me that taught me my value was in how little space I took up, in how quiet I could make my voice, in how fuckable I could be, in how likable I could be, in how perfect I could be. But I kept coming up empty. I wasn't always *likable

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