Exploring Inside Out from the Outside In: Fat is Not a Feeling.

I am SO looking forward to taking my oldest daughter to see the Pixar film Inside Out tomorrow. We have only taken her once before to see a film in a movie theater but she fell asleep 10 minutes in. Not exactly the experience I had anticipated and built it up to be. Okay, so the image in my mind might have been close to the scene in Annie when Mr. Warbucks takes her to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. I admit—I may have been overreaching in my expectations. I think she may have gotten more out of the buildup than the actual viewing experience. Moms of nap-boycotters will understand that I took it as a victory that at least she got a nap in (Amiright?!) She’s now a good year older

On the Battlefield

©Maria Paredes, PhD, LPCS, CEDS-S, Julie Duffy Dillon, MS, RD, NCC, LDN, CEDRD Do you feel like you're constantly fighting against your body, against your hunger, or against a particular food you either crave or abhor? The energy output it takes to sustain such a battle can leave you exhausted and discouraged. If you've found this blog, perhaps you're ready to consider a ceasefire. Perhaps you're ready to consider making peace with your body and with food. Find a comfortable place to sit and reflect, or to sit and journal. Take a few, deep cleansing breaths and consider the following guided imagery. The word "food" below can be replaced with a specific food, with a specific body part, or wit

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